Course Overview

Retailers enjoy direct contact with a wide range of people, are motivated by completing a sale and knowing a customer is happy with their purchase. They demonstrate range of communications skills and are passionate about delivering a quality service that always aims to exceed customers’ expectations.

Retailers may work in small boutiques, large high street chains, supermarkets or well-known department stores, in addition to more specialist environments such as garden centres, delicatessens and funeral services. They may also work remotely, for example in telephone, on-line and mail order retail.

The learner must have the ability and opportunity to:
• Contribute to the achievement of company targets.
• Apply techniques to optimise sales through product placement and displays.
• Maintain appropriate levels of stock.
• Use technology to support sales and service.
• Comply with legal requirements.

The Content

Retailers will develop the following skills, knowledge and behaviours:

• Customer – profiles, interaction, loyalty, repeat business
• Business – vision, objectives, brand standards, customer rapport
• Financial – commercial operations, targeted sales
• Marketing – unique selling points, competitors, promotions, advertising
• Communication – face-to-face, on-line, telephone, differentiated
• Sales & Promotion – buying habits, sales techniques
• Product & Service – enhanced sales, knowledge of product lines/service range
• Brand Reputation – preservation, threats
• Merchandising – sales optimisation, product placement, displays
• Stock – maintenance, seasonal variations
• Technical – social media, digital and multi-channel tools
• Team – positive support, professionalism, personal behaviours
• Performance – active improvements, impact of customer loyalty/increased sales
• Legal & Governance – legislative responsibilities, risk minimisation, health/safety
• Diversity – empathy, demographics, differing backgrounds/cultures
• Environment – minimising negative environmental impact

Functional Skills in English and Maths
Learners who have not already achieved Level 1 English and Maths, must do so as part of the programme.

The Assessment

Learners will need to undertake an End Point Assessment which consists of 3 elements completed in the following order:
• On-demand test
• Practical observation
• Professional discussion

Course Duration

14 Months


This role may be a gateway to further career opportunities in this sector, such as management or senior support roles, or to further study.

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