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What is the Study Programme?

The Study Programme Team deliver two exciting pre-apprenticeship programmes; Employability Skills and In-centre Traineeships from our state of the art Vocational Centre of Excellence in Accrington and our new Oldham centre.

Both programmes are tailored to the needs of students aged 16-18 who are not ready, or able, to directly enter an Apprenticeship, employment or other post 16 alternative.

The Study Programme offers everyone an innovative curriculum and high quality work experience opportunity, providing you with the best possible support in order to assist you in laying the foundations for the rest of your life.

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What is the Study Programme?

Our Study Programme is two exciting pre-apprenticeship programmes for students aged 16-18; Employability Skills and In-centre Traineeships.  Both aim to help you if you are not ready, or able, to directly enter an Apprenticeship, employment, or Further Education. The programmes offer an initial induction and assessment period where you can decide the best route for you.

What routes are available and what do they involve?

On the Study Programme there are 2 routes, Employability Skills and Traineeships. The Employability Skills route, available in Accrington and Oldham, supports you to get ready for the workplace, further learning, an Apprenticeship or a Traineeship by developing your employment skills and maths and English. The Traineeship route supports you to develop the skills for an Apprenticeship through work placements and support provided at one of our centres in Accrington or Oldham.

Will I get paid?

Yes. On the Employability Skills route you will receive a £20 per week bursary and on the Traineeship route you will receive a £45 allowance every week if you are in work experience. Both of these payments are dependent upon 100% attendance. Click here to view our Bursary and Free Meals policy or to download an Bursary and Free Meals Application Form.

How long does it last and what days will I be involved?

The employability route lasts for 34 weeks however this could be longer or shorter depending on your progress. You would need to be in centre for a minimum of 12hrs per week but this could be more depending on your timetable. Traineeships last for a maximum of 24 weeks with the first 2-3 weeks being in centre and the rest out on work placement. You need to be engaged for a minimum of 12hrs per week but this could be more depending on the placement.

What type of placements are there?

Work experience placements are available in a range of vocational areas. We have opportunities in retail, administration, warehousing, Child Care, IT and many more. We always try and provide an opportunity in the vocational areas you choose.

Are there any enrichment sessions involved?

Yes, enrichment is available for both routes and can involve football, gym, cooking, snooker, hairdressing and more.

What happens after I have finished?

After you have finished, hopefully you will progress into some form of further education like an Apprenticeship or a full time college course because you will have developed the skills needed to succeed in these areas.

Case Study – Katie Oldham

“I’m really happy to be offered an Apprenticeship here, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity without work experience, it really built my confidence. I was eased into my new role and was given time to make sure the job was right for me.”

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What our courses lead to…

Apprenticeship | Employment | Post 16 alternative

How to join…

There are many ways you can join our exciting programmes here at NLTG.

Your local Young People’s Service/Connexions will give you further information on the programmes and what is involved. You will then complete a referral form and be invited to visit North Lancs Training Group for an informal interview and a look around the local centre.

You may have heard about North Lancs Training Group and the Study Programme from friends or relatives and wish to visit us yourself. This is known as a self referral. You can drop in to one of our centres in either Accrington or Oldham where one of our Tutors will be more than pleased to show you around and give you advice.

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