Almost everything we see and use on a day to day basis has been manufactured. Manufacturing is where raw materials, such as metal and plastic, are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. There may be several steps and different parts from a variety of manufacturers involved in creating the final product. Eventually, the finished product is sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, who in turn sell them to us.

The Manufacturing Industry offers an exciting and varied career both in the UK & abroad providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for people to work in a technically advanced and innovative environment.

Businesses within the sector range from small family run manufacturing operations to large multi-national companies driving the countries growth & wealth.

The UK’s Manufacturing Industry is highly regarded worldwide for its innovation and manufacturing excellence and requires a high degree of skill & knowledge across all levels of their organisations.

The training covers health and safety aspects, use of tools, equipment and machines, quality standards of the company and correct assembly and processing techniques. We will be able to produce personalised training programmes to suit you and the learner.


Level 2

What training will they receive?

As the employer, you will be responsible for most of the basic knowledge and training. There will be no need for the learner to attend a college because they will be visited in the workplace by a qualified NLTG Tutor every 4 - 6 weeks.

Why not have a look at our Why employ an Apprentice? or Why upskill your workforce? pages. These will give you more about what Apprenticeships involve and especially the benefits of incorporating them into your business.

Additional Benefits

• The learner will have full and varied practical training and on and off the job support from a personal tutor
• We come and see the learner in the workplace so no day release to college
• The training will lead to a nationally recognised qualification
• The learner will improve on and learn new skills and knowledge
• We will visit the learner regularly during their training
• We will hold regular meetings to check their progress and development
• We have a dedicated team to provide bespoke tutoring for maths, IT and English.
• We operate an equality and diversity policy

Case Study

Natalie Duddridge at Express Banners

Natalie’s previous experience with education at school had not been successful and Natalie felt badly let down by the school and education system. She was unsure about studying an Apprenticeship, due to a lack of self-confidence and belief in her abilities, especially as she was working in an industry which historically had been male dominated. Natalie soon realised the difference between school and an Apprenticeship, and quickly flourished with the support of her dedicated tutor and her 1:1 training sessions.

Natalie soon settled into her role and Apprenticeship. Her confidence grew, she developed her skills and became an asset to the company, to the extent that some of her work is being used as a template to help train new members of staff.