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Why choose an Apprenticeship?

Find work, achieve your goals and build a better future

Spending time in a classroom, at college, after leaving school is not the first choice for many people. On leaving school, we understand that you may want to go out to work and earn a wage.

Apprenticeships were started in England during the last parliament*

over 250,000 workplaces in the UK offer Apprenticeships and Traineeships*

Is the average salary per week for an Apprentice and is above the minimum of £3.70 per hour*

of NLTG Apprenticeships stay in full time employment after their Apprenticeship

*Stats from

What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is Further Education. NLTG Apprenticeship programmes are full time, permanent jobs where you gain a nationally recognised qualification and earn a wage at the same time.

What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?

You get to earn whilst you learn. You can learn at your own pace with 1-1 sessions with your personal tutor. They are the perfect route to starting out and progressing in a company. Real life work experience with a qualification alongside. There are a wide range of Apprenticeships to fit all individual’s levels and needs.

Is this a permanent full time job?

Yes. With NLTG all our Apprenticeships are full time jobs with a permanent position for you when you finish the Apprenticeship. They are not part time placements whilst you gain a qualification.

What will I earn?

You will earn at least the national minimum wage for an Apprentice. However, this is a minimum and most companies pay you more or will increase it quickly as you progress.

Do I choose where I work?

Yes. You let us know what type of industry you want to work in and we match you to our vacancies that suit you i.e. employers are local to you and that fit your interests. We will inform you of the vacancy and you can decide if you want to be put forward for an interview or not. You will also be asked to be pro-active in looking at our vacancies online and putting yourself forward for ones you are interested in.

Will there be a guaranteed job at the end?

Yes. Our Apprenticeships are full time and permanent jobs not placements whilst you do your qualification. We only raise vacancies with companies that will invest in your future. The employer will have spent time training and developing you over the course of your Apprenticeship so it wouldn’t be worth it to them to get rid of you after your Apprenticeship.

Will I have to attend college?

No. The only time you will have to attend college is if you are doing a Joinery Apprenticeship, with all our other Apprenticeships we come out to train and assess you in the workplace. We will visit you in work every 4 – 6 weeks to assess your work, guide you through your qualification and set you some work to do for the next visit.

Are there a lot of written assessments involved?

No. Most of the qualification is based on evidence you produce to show you can do the job. This evidence can be collected in written format but also via video and voice recordings.

How long is the course?

A level 2 qualification lasts between 12 – 18months and level 3 and 4 qualifications last between 18 – 24 months.

Am I employed with NLTG or the company?

You are employed by the company you work for. You are one of that company’s employees just like everybody else working there. NLTG are the training provider, not employer.

If I change employers, do I have to restart my apprenticeship?

No. The qualification is based on you not the company so it goes where you go. Once you move companies and providing your new employer is happy for you to continue the qualification we will carry on where we left off.

Do I have the same employee rights as my co-workers?

Yes. You are a full member of the team just like all other workers apart from the fact you are doing a qualification. You will be treated fairly and equally by the employer.

Case Study – Crystal Elwell

“I would advise school leavers that Apprenticeships are not the ‘easy way out’ they are a beneficial qualification that give individuals the work experience to grow in working life and to progress within substantial companies.”

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