Have you ever wondered how something was made? Take your phone for example, where do all the individual parts come from? They were all manufactured. Almost everything we see and use on a day to day basis has been manufactured. Manufacturing is where raw materials, such as metal and plastic, are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. There may be several steps and different parts from a variety of manufacturers involved in creating the final product. Eventually, the finished product is sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, who in turn sell them to us.

Manufacturers are predominantly based in factories or workshops. Both of these environments require numerous employees in various job roles in order to secure an efficient production line operation, including Production Assemblers, Machine Operators and Quality Controllers.

The responsibilities required to carry out these roles vary depending on the sector you work in. Typical tasks can be: operating production line equipment; assembling goods using tools and machinery; carrying out quality checks to ensure the process complies with legislation.


Level 2

What training will I receive?

You’ll receive real-life training from experienced staff within your workplace, and be visited regularly by a specialist NLTG Tutor. Your Tutor will support and guide you throughout your Apprenticeship, making sure you develop the skills needed for your job role. As part of your Apprenticeship, you will need to complete a maths and/or English qualification at Level 1 (e.g. GCSE Grade D/3 equivalent) if you do not already have these qualifications. You may also need to study an ICT qualification. Your NLTG Tutor will provide you with support and guidance.

Additional Benefits

• All vacancies are jobs from day one.
• Your training will lead to a nationally recognised qualification.
• You will receive an attractive wage/salary during training.
• We have a dedicated team to support you with your English and maths skills.
• We operate an equality and diversity policy.
• All employers are appraised for health and safety.
• We will visit you regularly during your training.
• Your training will be full and varied.

Case Study

Cori-Joe Dearden at Motordrive

I have recently completed my Level 2 Performing Manufacturing Operations Apprenticeship at Motordrive, who specialise in competitors FIA motorsport seats. My job role involves general manufacturing, foaming and covering of seats, preparing seats for mounting, cutting foam and fabric and attending shows and expeditions. My Apprenticeship provided structure and focus to my learning. I've developed business awareness, a range of skills and have knowledge of manufacturing process. I would recommend an apprenticeship because it has benefited me both personally, and at work and it can open doors for the future.