NLTG’s Apprentice of the Year 2020 – Anna Henderson

Congratulations to Anna Henderson for winning NLTG’s 2020 Apprentice of the Year award.

Anna was already working at Office Suites 4 U Ltd when she was signed on to her Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship with NLTG in March 2018.

Pictured below is Anna receiving her NLTG Apprentice of the Year trophy from NLTG Managing Director, Gareth Lindsay

Apprentice of the Year 2020


During her Apprenticeship, Anna had to overcome many personal issues including a very turbulent homelife and spending the first couple of months of her Apprenticeship ‘sofa surfing’. Her emotional state during this time was very low, she was lacking in confidence and the thought of completing Apprenticeship assessments made her incredibly anxious. On several occasions she wanted to abandon her Apprenticeship as she feared the final assessments would be too overwhelming and she would fail.

Concerned for Anna and her personal situation, her Tutor Lisa Hannigan, discussed the support which Anna could access from NLTG’s Learner Support Service.  Combined with this, Anna also signed up for over the phone counselling support.

Anna’s confidence soon began to grow, and she began to use the skills and behaviours developed on her Apprenticeship to deal with stressful situations in the workplace. Anna even represented the business at a networking event and received positive feedback from attendees on her professional and engaging manner.

Anna has now completed her Apprenticeship and due to her excellent project work and professionalism when attending Business Networking events, she has been promoted from Administration Apprentice to ‘Business Centre and Storage Manager’.

Anna said: “I’m in a really happy place now; I finally have stability.  After completing my Apprenticeship, (which I never thought I would do after giving up so many times), I finally pushed through and completed my Level 3. It has opened up so many opportunities for me and even helped me get a promotion at work. My Apprenticeship wasn’t just a learning curve for my career, but also for my everyday life, as it helped me gain confidence and find who I am as a person.”

Well done Anna, NLTG’s Apprentice of the Year 2020!