NLTG’s Study Programme Learner of the Year 2023 – Simona Biniam

Well done to the winner of NLTG’s 2023 Study Programme Learner of the Year, Simona Biniam.

Simona joined the Study Programme with a basic understanding of spoken English, having only lived in England for four months. Her journey began with a focus on acquiring fundamental life skills through various enrichment activities such as cooking, baking and basic food hygiene.  Her dedication and enthusiasm for learning soon became evident, and she is now a confident communicator and valued peer.


Pictured below is Simona Biniam receiving her Study Programme Learner of the Year trophy from NLTG Study Programme Manager, Saz Patel.


Simona’s growth has extended beyond acquiring practical skills.  She found a platform for personal development through group work and collaboration, which helped her build confidence and establish meaningful relationships with her peers. She has confidently judged a peer group Enterprise task, where she presented confidently in front of the class and provided constructive feedback, showcasing her newfound ability to communicate effectively.

Simona’s journey at NLTG’s Study Programme is marked by significant milestones. She successfully completed an Employability Skills Entry Level 3 course, achieved proficiency in English Level 1 and Maths Level 1, and has gained practical experience in a hospitality setting. These accomplishments emphasise her commitment to personal and academic growth.

Building on her success at the Study Programme, Simona has progressed to Oldham College, where she is pursuing a Level 2 course in Health and Social Care. With career aspirations to work in a chemist, she showcases a clear vision for her future.

The NLTG Award judges commented:

“To overcome the obvious challenges of being in a new country and to be able to apply herself to the level she has, Simona clearly shows her desire to be successful; this is obviously just the beginning for her in reaching her career goals.”

Simona’s recognition as Study Programme Learner of the Year is a celebration of her resilience, dedication, and remarkable growth. Her journey from a newcomer with limited skills to a confident and accomplished learner is an inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

Congratulations Simona! All the best for the future.