Course Overview

A Lean Manufacturing Operative will be expected to carry out their work safely and meet the exacting quality standards demanded in a fast paced and efficient processing environment and develop into a multi-skilled operator through process ownership. A lean manufacturing operative can be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications consecutively e.g. automotive manufacturing – Multi models manufacturing results in the manufacturing of different models of vehicle with different specification variants within a high volume environment.

They will be required to prepare, control, contribute to and complete manufacturing operations, and follow manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) whilst adhering to specific safe working policies & procedures. A Lean Manufacturing Operative will be responsible for maintaining Health and Safety requirements at all times e.g. wearing correct Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) correct use of equipment and tooling, safe stopping and resetting of machinery, maintain an organised work area e.g. 5s (Sifting, Sorting, Sweeping, Spick & Span and Sustain) ensuring the safe disposal of waste in line with environmental systems and regulatory requirements (ISO 14001). They will be required to contribute, develop and support improvement in the manufacturing operation using continuous improvement methods, kaizen tools, process visualisation using lean principles and problem solving tools and techniques. They will be responsible for carrying out quality checks throughout the manufacturing operations to ensure quality is built in and that any defects or concerns are highlighted and dealt with in line with relevant quality standards (ISO 9002).

They will work closely with stakeholders and will have clear reporting lines to ensure appropriate escalation e.g. teamleader, line leader, process leader, supervisor etc. should problems occur within the process.

Examples of the job titles from across the manufacturing sector that would be covered within this standard are: Team Member Production, Manufacturing Production Operative, Manufacturing Assembly Operative, Manufacturing Inspection/Quality Assurance Operative, Manufacturing Logistics Operative, Manufacturing Material Handling Operative and Manufacturing Process/Finishing Operative.

The Content

Lean Manufacturing Operatives will develop the following core skills, knowledge and behaviours:

• Health & Safety: Comply legislation, regulations, and other relevant guidelines
• Environmental: Comply with procedures and systems
• Production: Carry out their role effectively, efficiently and flexibly
• Lean Manufacturing Operations: Demonstrate their skill/knowledge following SOPs
• Quality Control: Demonstrate appropriate process documentation control
• Problem Solving: Demonstrate their ability to identify and resolve problems
• Continuous Improvement: Generate ideas and contribute to process improvement activities
• Communication: Demonstrate communication skills
• Work Place Organisation: Maintains and monitors the work site efficiently and effectively

• Health & Safety: Relevant statutory, organisational and health and safety regulations
• Environmental: Compliance procedures/systems
• Production: Individual roles and responsibilities within the organisation
• Lean Manufacturing Operations: Manufacturing standard operation procedures (SOPs)
• Quality Control: Process equipment monitoring, data collection, error proofing and operating procedures
• Problem Solving: Using data, reports and documents to resolve issues
• Continuous Improvement: Ways to improve the safety, quality, cost or process efficiency
• Communication: How to share information using a range of methods
• Work Place Organisation: How to maintain a safe and efficient work site

• Punctual, reliable and takes responsibility for their own actions
• Show respect for others, having regard for diversity and equality
• Respond positively to change in the working environment
• Integrates within the team and supports others
• Can work independently and effectively in challenging situations
• Maintains quality of work under pressure
• An open and honest communicator
• Listens to other people’s opinions
• A positive and respectful attitude
• Follows instructions and guidance and demonstrates attention to detail
• Seeks opportunities to develop and adapt to different situations, environments or technologies

Functional Skills in English and Maths
Where a Lean Manufacturing Operative has not already achieved Level 2 English and Maths, they must do so before taking the End Point Assessment.

The Assessment

Learners will need to undertake an End Point Assessment which consists of the following 2 elements:
• Observation with questions and answers
• Professional discussion

Course Duration

14 Months


This role may be a gateway to further career opportunities in this sector, such as management or senior support roles, or to further study.

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