NLTG Bike Revival

Refurbishing landfill bikes for the community

NLTG Bike Revival

Around 7000 bikes a year from East Lancashire are sent to landfill. NLTG Bike Revival is a scheme where landfill bikes are recovered and distributed to certain areas in East Lancashire.

As part of our Study Programme, our students are able to participate in a FREE Bike Revival Course!

The course involves:

  • Knowledge of types of bicycles and the function of components
  • Health and safety requirements including PPE
  • Repair a cycle puncture
  • Remove and replace a cycle rim brake
  • Carry out a systematic cycle check
  • Remove and replace cycle gear systems
  • Use of tools and equipment
  • Remove and replace cycle hub bearings
  • Remove and replace cycle bottom brackets and cranks
  • Build a cycle wheel
  • Prepare frames and forks for cycle assembly
  • Remove and replace cycle braking systems


How we’ve helped the community…

James Hodgson is one of our Study Programme learners who participated in our Bike Revival Scheme. Here’s what he had to say about his experience. “On this course I learned about health and safety and how to repair a bike. I really enjoyed taking part because everything I learnt in the lessons I found very interesting. It was fun to see and repair the bikes that were handed in from the public because most of them were broken and full of rust. We put new parts on them, along with new cables, tires and brakes. When we finished repairing the bikes, all of them were in better condition than when they were given to us!”

A young gentleman in Hyndburn had recently found a job that was unfortunately not on a bus route and therefore needed another form of transport. Thanks to our Bike Revival Scheme we were able to donate a bike to him and as a result not only is he saving money from not having to pay for taxis but he also benefiting from all the exercise!

David Allen from Saxon Furniture also befitted from our Bike Revival Scheme by receiving a donated refurbished bike. He said, “Using the bike donated to me has saved me a lot time and money as I would usually travel on the bus. However, this was not the best solution for me as the bus either turns up late or sets off early resulting in me sometimes being late. Now that I can cycle to work, it means I can set off at the same time everyday. This means I can get to work 20 minutes early every morning so I have time to relax before I begin my day of work and I am also getting daily exercise.”


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