NLTG Employee of the Year – Lynne Smith

At our 2017 Christmas Party the winner of the NLTG Employee of the Year award was announced. Each year, all the managers submit one member of the team with supporting comments as to why they feel that this person deserves the accolade. Our Directors then discuss the submissions and a decision is made.

This year our NLTG Employee of the Year award winner is Lynne Smith, who currently works in our ASET (Apprenticeship Service Engagement Team).

Employee of the Year

Lynne rejoined NLTG in 2016 as a Training Officer and settled back into the Customer Service team very quickly and, after a short while, took on extra responsibilities to enable the team to develop. She has worked tirelessly to support the team and the company through one task or another whether it was taking on a verifier role, mentoring new team members or looking after the Retail sector.

Since the Apprenticeship Reforms that took place earlier in 2017, she stepped up to the challenges. Lynn was asked to, and quickly accepted, a new role within a new team (ASET). At that time NLTG were in the midst of our most challenging period of time. The role became much much harder as a result of Claire’s injury and Michaela’s maternity. However, Lynn has been instrumental in putting new, effective and complex systems in place to ensure we meet the needs of ESFA, employers, Audit etc.

Lynne has always been a highly valued member of the team who is always professional, reliable,  helpful, supportive and positive no matter how busy she is.

Congratulations Lynne Smith, our Employee of the Year!