19 Acts Of Kindness against COVID-19

Last year was NLTG’s 50th year after being established in 1969. During 2019 we wanted to carry out 50 Acts of kindness as part of the celebrations for our 50th Anniversary. We actually achieved 54, but most importantly we saw the amazing effect it had, not only on our team, but on the causes involved and within the community.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has had and is continuing to have an impact on everyone’s daily lives. With us all currently experiencing uncertain and challenging times we wanted to try and bring back some of the happy moments and positivity that our 50 Acts of Kindness brought last year. So, we decided to do this…


The NLTG team wanted to carry out 19 Acts Of Kindness to combat the negative effect of COVID-19. Throughout lockdown, the team accomplished 20 Act of Kindness! This is how our team have helped:

#20 – Pete helps local Primary School get ready for re-opening

Pete Troth helped St Leonards Primary School in Padiham with their preparations to re-open. He was spraying social distancing lines at the entrances to the school to help keep the children at a safe distance from each other when they return.

#19 – Looking after those who are looking after us!

Our very own master baker Carl along with, Sue and Debbie made and baked Victoria Sponges, Lemon drizzle cakes, cookies, mini cupcakes and flapjacks for a variety of organisations to say a great big thank you and to support them in these trying times.

Those who received a cake package were:

The Base, Great Harwood
St John’s School, Great Harwood
Tesco Great Harwood (they kindly donated some flour to us)
St John’s Accrington
Peel House Medical Centre, Accrington
Springhill Care Home Accrington
Hyndburn Hub, Accrington
Brunshaw Primary School, Burnley
Childminder in Padiham
NLTG’s postman (for being so cheery)
Accrington Post Office
Accrington Job Centre

All were nominated by members of the NLTG team for the help they provide in the community.

Also a huge thank you too all the staff involved for your work and great social distancing efforts in the kitchen!

#18 – Michael tidies war memorials ready for VE Day

Michael Nutter is one of NLTG’s Study Programme Tutors but is also the Parade Marshal for Preston. Sadly, what had been planned for the 75th Anniversary of VE day has had to be postponed due to COVD-19, but Michael didn’t accept defeat. He felt that he had to do something that would have an impact on the local community whilst remembering those who gave their lives.

So Michael, alongside a friend and fellow veteran, Dave Moore, decided to use their hour of exercise to make sure the Lostock Hall Cenotaph and 2 other local monuments were looking worthy of the men and women who gave their lives for us. Both followed the government guidelines of social distancing, kept moving at all times and wore PPE such as face masks and gloves. They removed, tidied and re-set the wreaths as well as generally tidying up the areas.

Maybe there is a remembrance area local to you? Could you spend one of your hour’s of exercise this week tidying up a remembrance area whilst adhering to government guidelines? Just straightening one wreath or removing one piece of rubbish is enough. It is not only a positive way of utilising your hour outdoors but also as a mark of respect to the fallen.

We may not be able to come together to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE day, but we can all still remember together and look upon our local remembrance areas with pride during this very difficult time.

#17 – Easter eggs for Lifeways residents in Clitheroe

Stuart Gower is our CoVE Co-ordinator and his son, James, works at the Lifeways Residential home in Clitheroe. Lifeways specialist residential homes offer high quality care to people with a variety of support needs in a warm, welcoming and stimulating environment.

As a family, the Gowers bought each of the 4 residents an Easter Egg to enjoy. Unfortunately, the eggs were eaten before the photo was taken showing just how much they enjoyed them!

#16 – Chocolates and Easter eggs for the elderly

On Easter Sunday, Pat delivered – using the correct social distancing methods – Easter eggs and chocolates to some of the elderly members of her church. They are in their late 70’s and 80’s and are having to stay at home so Pat wanted to try and bring a smile to their faces.

Pat treated those who live alone to an Easter egg and the couples to a box of chocolates. Thanks to Pat, 18 local elderly members of her church received an Easter treat.

#15 – Easter Eggs and Hand Sanitiser for Vets

After already buying Easter Eggs for the staff at his local Aldi stores, NLTG’s Stephen McMillan decided to continue to bring a smile to key workers.

Stephen bought more Easter Eggs as well as 2 litres of hand sanitiser and took them to his local Town and Country Veterinary Group.

#14 – Crochet Hearts for COVID19 Patients

NLTG Glass Tutor, Paul Fairhurst, has informed us of an act of kindness that his wife, Lynne, has been doing. Lynne wanted to do something for those who are unfortunately unable to visit their loved ones in hospital and so, she put her crochet skills to good use!

She has been crocheting hearts for Wigan Hospital, two for each COVID19 patient so that one can be kept at the patients bedside and the other can be passed on to the patients family by the hospital staff. Hopefully on recovery, both hearts can be brought together but if the unfortunate occurs, the patients crochet heart can be handed to their family as a memory.

Lynne is also crocheting mask retainers for NHS staff on request. These fit at the back of a nurse or doctors head and retain the mask strings that after a long shift cause soreness to the back of the ears.

This is a wonderful gesture Lynne!

#13 – Paul makes ‘Wedding Meal’ for NHS nurse

Paul Maguire is one of our industry professional Catering tutors. His wife, Angie, noticed a message on a local Facebook page from a nurse asking if anybody knew somewhere that her and her future hubby could get a meal for 2 delivered. Unfortunately they were supposed to be getting married that day and had sadly had to postpone due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

She said, “I would love to have a nice meal with my future hubby and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to drown our sorrows with.”

Angie replied saying that Paul could do it, explaining that he was a top chef and it wouldn’t be a problem. At first she didn’t except because she couldn’t believe a total stranger would do it, but they didn’t give up!

Paul made an outstanding 2 course meal for the couple – Breast of chicken, chorizo, tomato, tarragon and red wine jus with Braised Boulangere potatoes and Buttered greens followed by Raspberry crème brulee.

They dropped it off in the couples porch, along with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and Peroni, for them to enjoy together, on what should of been their wedding day, after she had finished another long shift for the NHS.

#12 – Sarah’s fundraiser for Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice

Sarah Brierley is one of NLTG’s Employer Partnership Consultants and recently set up a fundraiser for Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice in Oldham.

Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care for adults with life-limiting illnesses. Fundraisers and donations help keep the care they offer free of charge to patients. The hospice is close to Sarah’s heart and she wanted to raise some money that will go towards helping the hospice to continue to run their ‘Hospice at Home’ during the Coronavirus outbreak.

So far Sarah has raised over £1000 that will help the team of doctors and nurses continue to look after those in the community needing their expert, end of life support during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please visit the Fundraiser page.

19 Acts of Kindness No.12

#11 – Hot cross buns for Pendle West District Nurses

NLTG’s Master Baker, Carl Morris, wanted to make a little treat for some of our NHS Hero’s. Carl Morris’s wife works for the NHS as a Pendle West District Nurse. The nurses are working on the front line and go out to visit patients at home who are most vulnerable.

As a little something, Carl baked a tasty, homemade batch of hot cross buns to keep his wife and the fantastic team of nurses going at this worrying time.

Keep safe ladies!

19 Acts Of Kindness No.11

#10 – Debbie delivers cupcakes to neighbours

Debbie works in NLTG’s NL50 restaurant preparing and cooking lunches for learners and staff. Due to the NLTG offices currently being closed with all training delivered virtually, Debbie has been fulfilling her need to feed people in another way.

Debbie baked and colourfully decorated some cupcakes to give to her neighbours simply to bring a little smile to their faces.

19 Acts of Kindness No.10

#9 – Russ’s Meal on Wheels

NLTG Apprenticeship Manager, Russell Large, is one of five children and has decided that during the COVID19 lockdown, he would take on the responsibility of providing food for his parents to minimise the amount of people visiting them.

Russ has been doing their weekly shopping and his wife, Denise, has been baking them cakes and cooking their meals including a Roast Chicken dinner, Meat and Onion Pie and Lasagne. Due to Russ’s mum being unable to walk or talk, this has taken the stress away from Russ’s Dad and they are very grateful.

19 Acts of Kindness No.9

#8 – Becky Simpson helps neighbours source some milk

Becky’s neighbours, Pat and Linda, who are sisters, have been self isolating due to COVID19 as vulnerable adults and so, Becky decided to check in on them. She discovered that Pat, who is over the age of 70 and unable to leave the house, has underlying health issues including Diabetes and so, needs skimmed milk to help with her sugar intake. After searching everywhere, Linda struggled to find any skimmed milk for her sister and so, Becky and her mum began the search.

After searching the shops high and low, Becky’s mum finally managed to find some skimmed milk as well as arranging for the local milkman to deliver some more a few days later.

To thank Becky for her efforts and kindness, Pat and Linda posted a note through her door along with some spending money for her daughter, Isla!

19 Acts of Kindness No.8

#7 – NLTG’s Jill bakes a cake for Rita

NLTG Skills for Life Co-Ordinator, Charlotte Banks, was thrilled to hear that her colleague, Jill Orrell, who is a Tutor at NLTG, baked her mum her favourite cake, lemon drizzle.

Jill decided to bake the cake and leave it on Rita’s doorstep to cheer her up after discovering she was self isolating alone. Jill later received Rita’s thanks over text saying how much she appreciated it and that it made her day!


19 Acts of Kindness No.7

#6 – NLTG’s Zoe finds PPE for Royal Blackburn Hospital

NLTG Study Programme Manager, Zoe Randle, has made it her mission to provide the Royal Blackburn Hospital with PPE after hearing from her sister that they very low on stock.

After liaising with people she knows in the building trade and explaining the need for the equipment, Zoe managed to gather enough face masks and goggles to supply her sisters whole team with, helping them to stay safe at work.


19 Acts of Kindness No.6

#5 – Baking lessons with NLTG’s Master Baker

NLTG Job Centre Provision Manager, Carl Morris, started his career as a baker and even worked on the QE2 Ocean Liner.

To help us through these difficult times we are facing, Carl decided to put his skills to use and provide us with a short series of ‘How to’ tutorials and some step by step recipes. Thanks to Carl, maybe we can become master bakers too!

Watch Lesson 1 – How to make Bread

Watch Lesson 2 – How to make Pizza

Watch Lesson 3 – How to make Pastry

Watch Lesson 4 – How to make Chocolate Fondant Puddings

Watch Lesson 5 – How to make Iced Fingers

Watch Lesson 6 – How to make Victoria Sponge

Watch Lesson 7 – How to make Flapjacks

Watch Lesson 8 – How to make Pasties

19 Acts of Kindness No.5

#4 – Easter Eggs and Bunnies for Aldi Key workers

Stephen McMillan is one of the Warehouse Tutors at NLTG. As part of his shopping trips buying essentials for, not only himself, but also members of the community that are on the critical list, Stephen decided to bring a smile to another important group of people.

Stephen bought either an Easter Egg or chocolate bunny for the members of staff at the Accrington and Great Harwood Aldi stores to thank them for their hard work as key workers during this difficult time.

19 Acts of Kindness No.4

#3 – PPE given to the NHS

A member of our Glass Team, Leslie Jones, wanted to source and donate some PPE to help people like his partner, who is a nurse in the NHS, stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the nature of our business, where some our tutors require PPE when visiting their learners on construction sites or when training apprentices in our CoVE (Woodmaching Training Centre), we had some PPE available.

Since face-to-face visits and training in our CoVE are not taking place at the minute, this PPE was simply sat there not being used. We decided to round up the stock and give it to Leslie for his partner and others working in the NHS.

19 Acts of Kindness No.3

#2 – Live home workouts with Sasha

Sasha Johnson works for NLTG in the Study Programme Team. However, she is also a fitness instructor at Central Fitness, a local gym in Accrington, on evenings and weekends.

Due to the gym being closed during this isolation period, Sasha and some other instructors from the gym are doing free online classes via Facebook to help keep as many people active physically and mentally over the coming weeks.

If you would like to join in then just like their Facebook page to see what live workouts are happening daily and at what times or follow along with a previous workout.

19 Acts of Kindness No.2

#1 – Michael Nutter’s daily visit to Peter – a local veteran

Michael Nutter works for NLTG as a Study Programme tutor but also the Vice-Chairman for the Preston and District Veterans Council and Parade Marshal for the City.

As part of Michael’s daily morning routine and exercise he visits local veterans in his village. He may get them a paper, nip to the chemist, pick up anything they need from the shop or simply say “Hello” and have a chat.

One local veteran on his rounds is 86 year old Peter Eckersley. Peter is very limited in getting out and so gets dressed smart every morning and waits for Michael at 7am. They have a chat and Michael nips to the local shop if he needs anything.

Pictured is Michael and Peter after dropping of some Ginger Nuts. Peter’s morning quote for Michael was, “We’ll meet again, some sunny day.”

19 Acts of Kindness No.1