Case Study – Reece Johnson

Apprenticeship at A.M.S Plumbers Merchants

Name: Reece Johnson
Age: 17
Company: A.M.S Plumbers Merchants
Job Role: Warehouse Assistant

What is your job role and what does that involve?
I work as a Warehouse Assistant keeping the workplace tidy, putting stock away, ordering stock required, unloading and loading vans.

How did you find out about Traineeships and why did you decide to undertake one?
When I left school I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to get into the working environment and earn money. I applied to NLTG for an Apprenticeship. They informed me of this vacancy and that I would start on a Traineeship first so I decided to give it a go.

What qualifications have you gained during your Traineeship and/or what qualifications are you working towards at the moment?
I am currently working towards my NVQ in Warehouse and Storage Level 2

What do you enjoy most about doing the Traineeship?
The busy working environment always meant that there was something I could do. My other colleagues made me feel really welcome and I have good working relationships with them.

How has the Traineeship benefited you? What skills have you learned?
It has helped me to learn a lot about different plumbing products teaching me what’s what which gave me a good idea before I started on my Traineeship.

Have you progressed in the company or have you progressed onto an Apprenticeship?
I have progressed onto my Apprenticeship but I also have been given more responsibility by doing jobs alone as I know how more knowledge and experience.

What benefits has your employer seen?
He has seen my knowledge of the industry improve and allows me to order products needed without supervision.

Has your attitude changed towards training?
The Apprenticeship is a lot better than I expected. I am doing a lot more than I thought I would be doing and it helps me in my day to day tasks.

What would you like to achieve in the future?
I would like to achieve more qualifications and higher levels of skills.

What would you advise school leavers about Traineeships/Apprenticeships?
It is the best way to enhance your abilities in the working environment and also you earn your own money at the same time giving you more independence.

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