Case Study – Rob Smethhurst

Adult Apprenticeship at Glazerite

Name: Rob Smethurst
Company: Glazerite
Job Role: Quality Controller

What is your job role and what does that involve? I work as a Quality Controller at Glazerite which involves checking the products before they get delivered and organising orders for dispatch.
How did you find out about Apprenticeships and why did you decide to undertake one? I was already working at the company when they asked if anybody wanted to take a qualification alongside their job, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

What qualifications have you gained during your Apprenticeship and/or what qualifications are you working towards at the moment?
I have just completed my Level 2 in Glass related Distribution and Warehousing and alongside that I have also completed my Level 1 in Functional Skills.

What do you enjoy most about doing your qualification?
I enjoyed the fact that it was mostly e-portfolio based and not loads of paperwork to fill in, and with me being able to show my work through observations it cut down on the amount of written work needed.

How has the Apprenticeship benefited you? What skills have you learned?
My communication skills and confidence have definitely improved since starting my qualification and it has made me think a lot more about my studies.

Have you progressed in the company?
Yes, I have been given more responsibility by looking after a new employee and training him up to a high standard.

What benefits has your employer seen?
They have seen me work to a high standard giving them the confidence to let me train others in important job roles.

Has your attitude changed towards training?
Not really, I have always had a high regard for training. I started at the company as a regular employee and took up the chance to do an Apprenticeship.

What would you like to achieve in the future?
I would like to progress onto my Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship to further develop my knowledge.

What would you advise others about Apprenticeships?
I would advise others to definitely take up the opportunity of gaining a qualification while at work. It enhances your knowledge and it opens up the way for some great progression opportunities at your company, and also higher level Apprenticeship qualifications.

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