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Furniture Occupations

The Furniture Occupations Apprenticeship is varied and you could be making and finishing furniture; restoring new or antique furniture; creating upholstery and soft furnishings for a range of traditional or modern items.

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Business Administration Apprenticeship, Business Administration Adult Apprenticeship

Business Administration

The Business Administration Apprenticeship is varied and covers all aspects of office and administrative work. You could work in a small office with only one other person or a larger company with many people.

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IT and Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

IT and Digital Marketing

You will be following a comprehensive training programme which offers training in a variety of IT skills. It is varied and you could find yourself using the skills learnt in different environments.

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Catering and Hospitality Apprenticeship, Catering and Hospitality Adult Apprenticeship

Catering and Hospitality

Careers in the catering and hospitality industry are exciting and varied in settings such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, and bars. If you’re creative, passionate and dedicated, this industry could be for you!

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Customer Service

Customer Service

Your employer will train you in a variety of skills to cover things such as how to communicate with your customers; how to solve customer problems and how to plan and prioritise your work.

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Warehouse and Logistics Apprenticeships

Warehouse and Logistics

As an apprentice in the warehousing industry, you may play a major role in the security and safety within the warehouse whilst loading and unloading lorries/trailers as well as organising the storage and distribution of goods.

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General Manufacturing Apprenticeship

General Manufacturing

Manufacturing is where raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. There may be several steps and different parts from a variety of manufacturers involved in creating the final product.

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Team Leading and Management Apprenticeships

Team Leading and Management

The qualifications are designed to give aspiring and practising team leaders and first line managers a solid foundation in their formal development as a manager.

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Sewing and Upholstery Apprenticeship

Sewing and Upholstery

The furniture, furnishings and interiors industry is of significant importance to the UK economy, particularly in the supply of end products for residential and commercial living and workplaces.

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