Reserve your Apprenticeship funding!

Apprenticeship Account

If you’re an employer who doesn’t pay the Apprenticeship Levy*, you will need to create an online Apprenticeship Service account to manage your training and reserve Government funding and incentives online.

Your Apprenticeship Service account, will provide access to a range of services and allow you to select the training that is right for you.

Let us take away the hassle…

If you’re thinking of employing a new apprentice or upskilling your existing workforce, we can help.

Our Employer Engagement Team is available to discuss the range of Apprenticeship Standards available to help your team develop; while our Apprenticeship Service Engagement Team (ASET) can provide expert support and advice in creating and managing your online account.

ASET have been supporting companies to create accounts and navigate the system since 2017; combined with the fact we have our own NLTG account, we know first-hand how easy the system is to use.

ASET will be delighted to help you set up your account.  We can also manage your account for you, saving you time and letting you concentrate on growing your business!

Call us today on 01254 300779 or email: and watch our handy guide of how to set up your account.


Jane Ward

Apprenticeship Officer, Learning & Development, Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters

“The Apprenticeship Digital Account Service is self-explanatory in most areas and once up and running easy to use. You can have full control over the account or you can allow your training provider more access. During the initial set up of the account we engaged with the ESFA helpdesk who offered directive and understandable support making the whole process much easier. NLTG also provided a great deal of support during the introduction of the service and have continued to do so throughout the process. They were on call to talk me through any queries I had, including giving me access to specific information that I needed to add new learners. Over the last 24 months I have used the account monthly to review levy spending and adhoc to add learners without any problems. I mostly follow the onscreen instructions to complete necessary tasks and get the information I need.”

Janette Calvert

Organisational Development Officer, Progress Housing Group

“The Apprenticeship Digital Account Service is quite intuitive and easy to follow. Lynne Smith from NLTG has been instrumental throughout the Group’s whole apprenticeship journey and continues supporting our organisation with her excellent knowledge. Even when I have a query that doesn’t relate to one of the learners, I contact Lynne who either knows the answer or finds out and gets back to me in a timely manner, she is a credit to NLTG. Although the Levy launched in 2017, every day is still a learning day in the world of apprenticeships so don’t think your question is a stupid one!  Ensure you have a good relationship with the colleges and training providers and always give honest feedback.”
*A levy payer is a company with an annual wage bill of more than £3 million.