NLTG Employee of the Year – Katie Tormay

Congratulations to NLTG’s 2021 Employee of the Year, Katie Tormay. Katie joined NLTG 10 years ago as an Apprentice Study Programme Administrator and has since consistently showed determination in her progression. Her current role is that of Study Programme Tutor/Curriculum Coordinator.

As well as teaching and supporting Study Programme learners, Katie supports the Study Programme managers with planning of the curriculum, weekly timetables and supporting tutors with queries. She is always adaptable to change, taking it in her stride, implementing developments within the team from new resources to curriculum changes.

Pictured below is Katie receiving her Employee of the Year trophy from NLTG Managing Director, Gareth Lindsay.


Katie was nominated by several members of the NLTG management team who commented:

“Katie has been instrumental in driving the Study Programme curriculum forwards on our journey to outstanding. She motivates and inspires the team of tutors to develop engaging and meaningful lessons to the students. She has excellent knowledge of teaching and learning and is always willing to share this with any team member at NLTG.

She has an excellent approach and staff are always comfortable to approach for advice and take on board the feedback that she gives. Katie’s students also think highly of her and show her respect, she motivates them to want to do well and she always goes the extra mile to make sure they achieve both academically and personally.”

“The reason I chose her is at several points throughout the year she has been inquisitive with how systems work and has been the first person to come forward and ask how things are done so that she can train other staff in improving the way they work with technology.”

“Katie has been very helpful in further developing skills. She has an empathetic way when giving feedback but will also come up with realistic ideas to support the classroom environment. She strives to improve the quality of education and does so in a manner which gives the tutors a feeling of achievement. She is responsive to the needs of the business, will complete various tasks as required and is very supportive of students.

A lady who I truly believe should be crowned this years ‘Employee of the Year’.”

Katie is fully deserving of her award. She has developed greatly during her 10 years’ service with NLTG to become a hugely valued member of our team.

Congratulations Katie, on achieving NLTG’s Employee of the Year Award.