Imperial Office Furniture invest in Management Apprenticeships

Dean Grundy and Kevin Harrison have completed their Level 3 Management Diploma, including Level 2 Functional skills in Maths, English and ICT, with NLTG at Imperial Office Furniture, Bolton.

Dean and Kevin Imperial Office Furniture
Left to right: Dean Grundy – Machine Shop Manger, Lindsey Bennett – Managing Director, Kevin Harrison – Assembly Manager.

Dean Grundy achieved his diploma within the given time frame. He dedicated himself to the course, committing to each visit and producing evidence of an excellent standard. Dean completed the course with ease. He has worked for Imperial Office Furniture for 9 years and is a key member of the Management team and highly thought of. After completing his Diploma, both Lindsey and Neil (Factory Manager) explained how the course has helped Dean improve efficiency in the team, encouraged him to look at ways to improve productivity and overall improved him as a Manager in the Machine Shop Department. Both were extremely happy with Deans achievement. Dean has now progressed to Level 4 Management.

Kevin Harrison enrolled onto the Level 3 Management Diploma days into being promoted as Assembly Manager. Kevin had worked at Imperial Office Furniture for 8 years before being promoted to Assembly Manager and has now been in charge of his own department for 2 years. In reflection, Kevin knew he had signed on far too soon and generally found the course difficult and very challenging. On numerous occasions Kevin rang me expressing his worries and wanted to quit the course. After many conversations to encourage Kevin to ‘stick with it’, Kevin started to plan time and chipped away at his work. His dedication, commitment and will power enabled him to complete his course. It took him longer than expected but he did it and to a very high standard. The further he got, the better his work became and now he is extremely proud of his achievement, as I am. Lindsey and Neil stated that Kevin, as Assembly Manager, has improved considerably in his role. He manages his team well, has improved productivity within his department and overall matured within his role as Assembly Manager. Kevin has expressed interest in completing another in the near future.

Both Dean and Kevin have been a pleasure to teach and deserve the recognition!

Vicky Bailey – NLTG Management Tutor