Daniel Sergeant rises to success at LCC

Daniel Sergeant started his Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship on 16th February 2017. After an initial discussion regarding making sure his evidence was completed for every visit, Daniel really got into the qualification and produced some of the best evidence I have seen. His commitment to both LCC and his qualification was exemplary, and he made such quick progress that he managed to complete his qualification in just 12 months.

Daniel Sergeant
Daniel Sergeant receiving his certificates from his manager, John Birch

His tutor, Barbara Croft, said, “We had many discussions on a variety of subjects and made a good bond between us. He is hoping to work his way up within LCC and he has the skills to do this. After speaking to his manager, John, it’s clear that they rate him highly and want to progress him.”

Daniel Sergeant said, “In the light of me completing my Level 3 Apprenticeship on Friday 5th January, I would just like to give a massive thanks to my tutor Barbara Croft. She has been excellent throughout and we have maintained a great relationship over the past 12 months. Barbara has always encouraged and motivated me to complete the best possible work, which has enabled me to complete all my assignments with very few problems. I did have a couple of problems at the very start. I was struggling to manage both my college work and a load of work commitments at the time. However, Barbara was on hand to provide me with the help I needed and I was not going to miss any work from that point onward. I have found the course rewarding and I presume that Barbara’s feedback to my management staff has encouraged them to progress me on to further more technical job roles within the department.”

John Birch, Contracts and Partnerships Manager at the Waste Management Group, said, “Daniel Sergeant has worked within the waste management group for just over a year and has impressed from day one.  Daniel’s work ethic and amiable nature means he is a well-liked and respected member of the team who’s taken on a raft of new tasks which is all the more impressive considering he completed his course earlier than expected.”

Daniel has since informed his tutor, Barbara Croft, that he has received a promotion and pay rise due to his hard work. He said, “Thanks once again for all your hard work during my Apprenticeship, I really appreciate it, and I am glad to see that my work is paying off here at LCC.”