Case Study – Tamara Connor

Apprenticeship at Corkills Volkswagen

Name: Tamara Connor
Age: 20
Company: Corkills Volkswagen
Job Role: Apprentice Business Administrator
Since when: May 2018

As a Level 3 Business Administrator at Corkills Volkswagen, some of Tamara’s roles include assisting in the sales process and dealing with finance and insurance. Tamara decided to undertake her apprenticeship as it had always been an option throughout her school journey. She began her journey by completing a Level 2 Business Administration qualification along with Level 2 ICT. Following on from this Tamara knew she was keen to further her knowledge in these fields which led her onto completing the Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship as she said, “I really love the idea of working whilst still learning!”

Tamara says the one thing she enjoys the most about completing her qualification is learning about the business models and how they relate to her current job role as she finds it very intriguing. This has benefitted her as it helped her progress within Volkswagen as her job has changed multiple times to suit her growing levels of responsibility. Volkswagen themselves have also seen benefits from Tamara completing a Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship as they are now more aware of different business activities and how they can implement them.

Whilst completing this qualification Tamara’s attitude towards training has developed due to Level 3 having more depth, it pushes her further and is more relevant to her role within the workplace making it more enjoyable. Moving forward Tamara would like to progress further into the company as they have fully supported her during her apprenticeship making her very loyal to the business.

Tamara said, “My advice to school leavers about Apprenticeships is about how useful the skills you learn are as they can be used and applied to multiple roles. Working whilst learning is very rewarding!”

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