Michael Raby

Case Study – Michael Raby

Apprentice Commis Chef at Mario's in Bacup

Name: Michael Raby
Age: 21
Company: Mario’s Restaurant
Job Role: Apprentice Level 2 Commis Chef
Since when: August 2017

Michael is a Commis Chef at Mario’s Restaurant in Bacup and is our first learner to complete the Level 2 Commis Chef Apprenticeship Standard! His job role consists of making the restaurant’s starters, sides and desserts which include calamari, breaded mozzarella, ribs, crème brûlée and Italian trifle. Michael is proud to be NLTG’s first apprentice to complete this Standard and he put in a lot of work and dedication to make sure he passed.

Completing this Apprenticeship has benefited Michael massively; his confidence has grown when talking to customers and his knowledge and catering skills have greatly improved.  This has given him the opportunity to progress within the company, and he now has a lot more responsibility than when he was a trainee.

Since working at Mario’s, his employer has placed a lot of trust in Michael to perform and maintain the high standard that Mario himself works at. Michael has helped to improve the service time and quality of food served to their customers.  Moreover, his fantastic customer relationship skills have improved the restaurant’s reputation through positive social media. He has taken the time to learn Health and Safety management within the kitchen and can now complete all relevant paperwork, which is beneficial in freeing management’s time.

Whilst completing his Apprenticeship, Michael enjoyed learning and developing his skills in the kitchen, and due to the increase in his confidence, this has positively affected him on a more personal level.  He hopes to one day open his own restaurant!

Michael said, “Apprenticeships are such a good way to learn whilst working and earning money. There are a wide range of Apprenticeships out there for school leavers to look at.”

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