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Case Study – Lewis Remmer

Traineeship at Taurus Fitted Bedrooms

Name: Lewis Remmer
Company: Taurus Fitted Bedrooms
Job Role: Furniture Manufacturer
Work Experience Start Date – 10th March 2020
Work Experience End Date – 31st July 2020

Lewis started his Traineeship on 10th March 2020 as a Furniture Manufacturer. Due to COVID-19 he had to stop going into the company from Monday 23rd March 2020 and since then we have worked with Lewis remotely to keep him engaged in learning.

Each week Lewis was set work to complete which was either emailed to him or accessed through the NLTG Learner Hub. Remote reviews were always planned & agreed for a specific date & time each week to keep Lewis focused and engaged with his learning. Whenever Lewis was unsure of anything, he would always text or email his tutor as he was conscientious and wanted to make sure his work was always completed on time.

Lewis has managed to achieve the following e-learning courses during the remote learning sessions;

  • • Safeguarding
  • • Online Safety
  • • Radicalisation & Extremism
  • • Staying Safe Online
  • • What Can You Trust?
  • • British Values
  • • Equality & Diversity
  • • Highfield COVID-19

Lewis has also completed the H&S Project Booklet, H&S Furniture Test/Quiz on the learner hub, Work Relationship Project & started to work through the COSHH Regulations, as part of the Furniture qualification requirements.

Throughout these remote reviews, Lewis has continued to work on his maths & English skills. Lewis was confident to work independently and concentrated mainly on learning and developing his maths skills, as he is exempt from English. Each remote review was used to go through his work and explain any areas he had struggled with.

During lockdown, open communication with kept with Les Kirkman at Taurus Fitted Bedrooms Ltd, as he appreciated an update on Lewis’s learning and development. We also discussed what we would need to put in place when things did start to return to some kind of normality.

On Monday 29th June 2020, Lewis was able to return to the workplace and resume his work experience. Prior to this, we made sure all parties were comfortable with the new COVID-19 measures in the workplace and specific documents had to be completed. Lewis also completed the Highfield COVID-19 e-learning course as a NLTG requirement prior to returning to the workplace, which he has received certification for.

On the first day back, Monday 29th June 2020, we met Lewis and Andy Black (Factory Manager) to go through the return to work induction and make sure Lewis was fully aware of the new hygiene procedures in place at Taurus Fitted Bedrooms Ltd.

Lewis said, “I found it quite easy to manage the remote reviews every week. Michelle set me work to complete which she either emailed or I was able to access via the Learner Hub. Coming back into the workplace has been good and I have managed to get back into a routine even with the new risk assessment procedures in place. The company provides all the necessary PPE such as face masks and hand sanitiser.”

Les Kirman, Manager at Taurus, said, “Morning procedures are routine such as temperature checks and hand sanitisers are available for all staff & visitors. Social distancing is in place and adhered to by all members of staff. Face masks are available if social distancing is not able to be maintained due to the nature of the job in hand/training etc. We have completed the required COVID-19 risk assessment in line with the government guidelines.”

“It’s good to have Lewis back in the workplace. A detailed introduction was carried out for Lewis to return to the workplace. He has settled in well and Lewis has taken on board all the new COVID-19 procedures that we have in place in line with government guidelines.”

Lewis is due to complete his Traineeship on Friday 31st July 2020, hopefully he will progress onto an Apprenticeship.

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