James Goodwin Case Study

Case Study – James Goodwin

IT and Workskills course

What were your expectations when you started the course?
My main expectations of the Job Centre course was to get help with updating and improving the look of my CV and creating a professional cover letter which would help me with my job search.

What were your job prospects before the course and where did you see yourself?
Due to having a few years’ experience within the warehouse industry already, I was mainly looking for a job within that career path.

What did you believe was stopping you from gaining employment?
I felt that the reason that was stopping me gaining employment was due to there not being enough vacancies and a lot of competition within the borough. The only ones that were available were through agencies and only on a temporary basis and sometimes weekly contracts, which was fine when I was living with my parents but now I have a family I needed to find a more permanent job so I could support my family.

What did you gain from the course and did it exceed your expectations?
I gained four nationally recognised qualifications from doing the course: Customer Service Level 1, Workskills Level 1, ITQ Level 1 and Developing Own Interpersonal Skills. Also, after the course I got the opportunity to do 2 weeks work experience within the warehouse which then progressed onto an interview and a 6 month contract, which I was very pleased and happy with.

Please can you explain your current role at NLTG and any future career plans?
I am currently on a 6 month contract with NLTG as a warehouse/admin operative. My role consists of shrinking down learner files and archiving in alphabetical order and by contract year into the filing cabinets. I also help out with the housekeepers and help Wendy with some of the maintenance jobs around the Old Bakery when necessary. My future career plans are to hopefully stay at NLTG but if not, at least I’ve had the opportunity to gain vital work experience and I will leave with an NVQ Level 2 in Warehousing and hopefully a reference which will help me gain any future employment.

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